Morning Vid: William Kristol and Juan Williams Lock Horns on Goldman Sachs

A debate over emails turned into a shouting match.

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William Kristol and Juan Williams occupy opposite ends of the political spectrum and regularly lock horns on "Fox News Sunday." This week, a discussion on inflammatory emails by Goldman Sachs executives devolved into a shouting match.

Kristol kicked off the debate by railing against Democratic senator Carl Levin for authorizing the release of the Goldman emails, calling the decision "an outrage." Williams immediately jumped on Kristol's choice of words.

It’s not ridiculous when you read the emails and the core here is not the release of the emails, it’s the content of the emails. [...] People at Goldman Sachs are saying: "We're going to make money while our investors are losing money, we're going to have a windfall." That is the outrage, in case you missed it!

When Kristol called for Levin's internal emails to be released as well, Williams grew exasperated. "You are lost in the weeds on this one," he snapped, precipitating a 30-second shouting match that ended only when the host stepped in.

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