Morning Vid: Barney Frank Dares GOP to Side With Banks

Go ahead, make his day

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On Wednesday's episode of Countdown With Keith Olbermann, Barney Frank, chair of the House Financial Services Committee, took aim at Republicans threatening to block financial regulatory reform. After Olbermann directed some vitriol toward Senator Bob Corker for foot-dragging on the issue of a consumer protection agency--"He cannot support it because it gives consumers too much protection... He said this out loud!"--Frank mounted his own warhorse.

"This is a bring-it-on moment," Frank said. "Let's call their bluff." Should Republicans want to defend the interests of banks over those of voters, Frank not only invited them to make that stand; he offered to hold the negotiations in public so the GOP can't spin the story. "I want someone to tell me an example in American history in the financial area where we over-regulated on behalf of consumers," Frank told Olbermann. "I can't think of one."

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