Hooray for Taxes!

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There are plenty of good reasons to defend taxes and the IRS. We highlighted one such defense in our 5 Best Columns and examined two more while looking at the politics of Tax Day. But the contrarian urge to scream "I Love Taxes!" to stand out from the annual crush of anti-tax anger is hardly original.

One of the latest such pieces comes from Salon, where Steve Almond vigorously hits back at "the Tea Party's Tax Day Extravaganza of Irrational Grievance, or whatever they're calling it," with a long-winded defense of taxes. Briefly laying out the anti-tax narrative of the "Fox News militia," Almond declares his personal love of April 15.
I can't really hope to compete with that narrative. But I do want to confess something almost heretical in these days of loud patriotism: I love Tax Day.

Yes. You heard me: I love it! If I could put Tax Day in a tight leather jacket with nipple zippers and $400 Kawasaki glasses, I'd feed it tequila shooters and have my way with it.

Almond lists five reasons why his former hatred of Tax Day has turned into wholehearted appreciation. These reasons range from providing services for his children, to the fact that George Bush is no longer president. Mostly, though, he likes being for what the Tea Party is against.

The Tea Partiers represent the aggrandizement of paranoia, rage and self-pity into a political agenda. It is a "movement," created by for-profit demagogues whose sole mission is to build audience share at the expense of honest debate about our common crises of state. Its mindless and violent hatred for Tax Day stands as one of the best reasons to love Tax Day.

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