Happy Hour Vid: Jim Cramer Bashed for Being Goldman 'Public Relations Officer'

CNBC gets interesting!

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Passions are running high in the finance world following a stunning civil suit filed by the SEC against Goldman Sachs. A little bit of that emotion spilled over onto CNBC's Street Signs with Erin Burnett. Her guest Sylvain Raynes takes a broad swipe at Jim Cramer referring to him as a "public relations officer" for Goldman Sachs. Kramer explodes on Raynes but Raynes keeps going. He smugly corrects Cramer's pronunciation of "Abacus" (the technical name for one of Goldman's allegedly nefarious deals) and says he won't get into details because he wants to "remain shallow in deference to Mr. Cramer." Raynes's badmouthing gets a little too rough for Burnett who scolds him saying "you've got to be more polite than that."

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