Will Downplays Krugman's Nobel Prize

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At No. 1 and No. 3 on our Atlantic 50 list, Paul Krugman and George Will are media titans who anchor opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. The New York Times liberal and the Washington Post conservative faced off on ABC's "This Week," sparring on health care reform, global warming, and America's economic history.

Most people who debate Krugman are hesitant to challenge him in economics, the field in which he won the Nobel Prize. That hardly slowed down the cantankerous Will, who took issue when Krugman offered a huffy response to people who object to the length of the health care bill.

I do international trade stuff... this is nothing much.

Will didn't just stand up to Krugman's support of health care reform--he mocked his Nobel in the process.

First of all, Paul's prize is in economics, not practical Washington wisdom.

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