Little Sympathy for Madoff Prison Beating

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Bernie Madoff is the antithesis of a sympathetic figure. The reviled architect of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, he fleeced investors and left many penniless. Though Madoff has been in prison for several months, his name still elicits anger and he remains for many the face of Wall Street evil.

Reports that Madoff was beaten in prison three months ago have done little to change people's sentiments. Despite the seriousness of Madoff's injuries--he was treated for fractured ribs and a broken nose--the blogosphere has shown little sympathy. Instead, bloggers reacted with a mix of amusement, sarcasm, and vengeful satisfaction at the continued fall from grace of a man who ruined so many lives.
  • We Are All Madoff's Attacker At New York Magazine, Josh Duboff gives a sardonic assessment of the situation. "The dispute allegedly occurred as a result of the assailant believing Madoff owed him some money. So basically Beefy Man was living out the revenge fantasy of the entire Earth's population."
  • This Is... Interesting The Wall Street Journal injects a little whimsy into its coverage, titling a blog post on the subject "Jail Fight!" In the post itself, Ashby Jones compares prison to a war zone. "You’re bored, bored, bored until . . . things get extremely interesting," he opines. "Our favorite convicted Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff got a little taste of that back in December."
  • Sad but Funny Calling the beating "sad, hysterical, and kinda poignant," the Village Voice's Foster Kamer can't help but chuckle at news that Madoff's attacker was a bodybuilder and a black belt in Judo.
Should you feel bad about someone getting their ass kicked in prison? Yes. Because violence is bad. Even when it happens to awful people. However: This is just funny.
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