Happy Hour Vid: Warren Buffett Channels Axl Rose

Welcome to the jungle... of savings!

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Warren Buffett is known for his vast wealth, his philanthropy, and the way his market predictions are given near-Delphic credence in the financial world. He's less well-known for his roles in viral videos, but all that may be about to change. In a new commercial for the car insurance company GEICO, Buffett dons the getup of Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose--tinted shades, bandanna, leather jacket, and kilt--and croons the chorus of a power ballad about customer service.

GEICO is owned by Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway, in whose print ads the Oracle of Omaha has appeared before. Buffett has a habit of shouting out to his own companies and holdings, as in a recent CNBC interview where he suggested the set designers touch up the studio with some Berkshire-owned Benjamin Moore paint. Can a Coca-Cola commercial featuring Buffett in full-on Lil Wayne garb, teardrop tattoos and all, be far off?

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