Some links

New York Times's feeble coverage of the IPCC scandals. Walter Russell Mead, American Interest. At least it was on the front page.

Obama's dysfunctional inner circle. Edward Luce, FT. An excellent piece I just re-read, and should have linked to earlier. Sorry, but better late than never. I blame the snow. Obama relies too heavily on his campaign specialists, says Ed, and not enough on his stellar cast of policy experts. Also, the spellbinding communicator has failed at they very thing he was expected to do best:

The weak link was the failure to carry public opinion - not Capitol Hill.  

Absolutely. (One quibble. Rahm Emanuel's complaint about "f***ing retards" was not as insane as the piece might suggest. He was not opposing an expanded campaign for health care reform. He was objecting to targeting conservative Democrats.) If you haven't read the piece yet, you should.

What poor countries need. (Not aid.) Paul Romer, Prospect. (Thanks, Browser.)

Why Obama is ignoring Europe. Der Spiegel.

It might do Europe some good. Justin Vaisse, NYT