Maintenance Note

I'm getting a lot more complaints these days about the comments that have been "held for moderation".  Unfortunately, this blog still does not have moderation, other than the retrospective kind.  What it has is a spam filter.  If it didn't, the comment threads would be overrun.

Don't wonder if there is a secret reason you've offended me:  there isn't.  If there was, I would have responded to your comment in the comment section and told you to knock it off, or in extremis, replaced the comment with a note explaining why you were censored.  You've offended our spam filter, and only it and the Almighty know what it considers proper web etiquette.  There is no right/left, agreement/disagreement, great taste/less filling divide in what gets held.

It's now set up so that if you email me quick enough--within a few hours--I can probably fish it out, and I just spent an hour making comments from the past few days live after getting a complaint.  I assume that many of you just figured that you'd violated some unspoken Megan-rule and didn't bother to write.  So just to let you know: the comments aren't being moderated any more than they've ever been, and you should let me know if you can't get your comments through.