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Goldman Sachs may have won a PR coup by giving its CEO a puny bonus, but bashing the firm still brings together some of the unlikeliest of allies. Now Goldman has entered a strange alliance of its own. Lucas van Praag, Goldman Sachs Head of Corporate Communications, has taken up blogging at The Huffington Post. The popularly reviled PR-man's post is nothing special--a point-by-point rebuttal of a New York Times story: "Many of the supporting 'facts' don't stand up to serious scrutiny. ‪‪ Here are some of the errors," he begins.

What's more remarkable is his platform. The Huffington Post is hardly the friendliest ground for launching a counterattack. The liberal news outlet frequently blasts out banner headlines such as Goldman Sachs Spends 30 Times More On Compensation Than On Small Business Loan Project, Goldman Sachs Had Bomb-Sniffing Dogs, Police Barricades At Its Headquarters Before Earnings Announcement, Goldman Sachs Helped Push AIG To The Brink

, and Goldman Sachs Wasting Shareholder Money On Huge Bonuses, Fiduciary Duty 'Wholly Abdicated,' According To Two New Lawsuits. HuffPo bloggers underscore the point: Mike Lux: Fraud at Goldman Sachs?, David Fiderer: The Times Story On Goldman's Role in AIG's Downfall Is More Damning When Placed In Context, and Tom Gregory: Goldman Sachs Donates 11 Minutes To Haiti.

Clearly, Van Praag is entering the lions' den. The question is whether moonlighting as a blogger proves to be a tactical coup, or a misguided waltz into enemy territory.

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