Correction and Amplification

The Center for American Progress wants me to clarify that Matthew Yglesias works for their action network, not CAP proper:

Thank you for your coverage of Matthew Yglesias in your  article titled "Myth Diagnosis" for the March 2010 edition of The  Atlantic.
We appreciate and value your press coverage but  would like to clarify that the content referenced by Matthew Yglesias is from  his blog, Yglesias, is a project of the Center for American Progress Action  Fund, the Center's 501(c)(4) affiliated organization.  While the Center  and the Action Fund share a mission, the Center is a research and educational  institute, while the Action Fund transforms progressive ideas into policy  through rapid response communications, partnership with other organizations,  legislative action, and grassroots and political advocacy. We hope you will  keep the distinction between these two organizations in mind in the future.