Vitamin Water's New Flavor: Facebook

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Does incessant Facebook browsing on your work computer, home machine, and iPhone still leave you craving more Facebook? Fortunately, now you can drink it. VitaminWater has unveiled its newest flavor called "Connect" with a label featuring the Facebook logo and playful references to friend requests, untagging and other social networking functions. The unlikely partnership comes after VitaminWater, owned by Coca-Cola, ran a promotion on Facebook encouraging users to design their own flavor. VitaminWater excitedly announced the new product on its Facebook fan page (you'll have to forgive their punctuation):

based on your votes and your designs, the latest flavor of vitaminwater has FINALLY been decided… introducing the black cherry-lime flavored vitaminwater named… connect!

Bloggers are taking to the new partnership with curious alacrity. Unfazed by the fact that companies usually get celebrities (such as Vitamin Water's previous partner, 50 Cent), not Web sites, to adorn their product labels, they say it's a good idea:

  • A Match Made in Heaven, writes Robert Quigley at Mediaite: "Facebook’s new vitaminwater flavor is a win-win for both companies, with Facebook getting its name on supermarket shelves across America and vitaminwater garnering more than 1 million Facebook fans."
  • A Better Way to Advertise, writes Jason at Locker Partner: "Whether being told to do the Dew or be like Mike, thirsty Americans have never suffered a drought of clever and usually very expensive beverage campaigns. So it’s refreshing to see a drinkmaker engage its audience through social media rather than drench it with in-your-face commercials."
  • Great Way to Harness Facebook, writes Drew Austin at The Campus Socialite: "From an entrepreneurial perspective I am all for this deal.  Facebook’s marketing capabilities are far and beyond the most effective in the world.  With Vitamin Water taking on a Facebook branded drink, it will only bring more exposure to their brand in entirety.  And I am sure Facebook will make out nicely from this, I mean look at how 50 Cent did."
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