Tonight's Special: The Microsoft Tablet Computer

Maybe the Apple Tablet will be spectacular machine. Maybe it will be a spectacular mess. Either way, the e-reader arms race between Apple, Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble and Microsoft is spectacular for consumers. Today Amazon announced that it is adding global radio to its Kindle DX, and Microsoft is debuting its own tablet computer tonight. Tablets and e-readers and booklets, oh my! Me, I'm still waiting for the prices to go down.

I've written about the e-reader/tablet phenomenon a lot recently, so rather than bore you with rehashing, I'll let you peruse the old posts at your leisure:

How can I compare all these new e-readers? With this handy graph.
What do I think about Apple Tablet mania? I think it's deserved.
What do I think about the Microsoft Tablet? I think it's awesome.
Is the E-reader revolution leading us? Closer to a 21st century Swiss Army Knife.
Is the Barnes & Noble Nook better than the Amazon Kindle? Maybe.