On Reid's Remarks

I happen to agree that there's no evidence that either Bill Clinton or Harry Reid harbor deep racial animus.  Clinton's remarks clearly have an alternative, non-racial interpretation, and while Harry Reid may have been flashing back to his political salad days when Democrats regularly congratulated themselves on their openness to Negros, it's more unfortunate than problematic.  I only wish that all the liberals rushing to defend them would apply the same good faith presumption when Republicans are involved.  Even if the president is black, there will be many people who disagree with him vigorously and angrily; this is not, per se, evidence of racism.  Nor is it possible to police every offhand remark which could have racist connotations.  If there is any good thing about the Reid kerfuffle, it's that with the charge of hypocrisy waiting in the wings, we can perhaps now spend a little less energy scrutinizing those we dislike for signs of racial bias.