If Ariel Sharon Woke Up Today

Yesterday marked the fourth anniversary of Ariel Sharon's coma. People I know who've been in to see him say he looks more-or-less the same, and breathes without a respirator. His family and friends hope he wakes up, according to this report, but it does seem unlikely. But imagine if he did come back.  Would he understand that the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza was a terrible mistake? Not the withdrawal, of course, but its unilateral nature. Imagine that he came back and embraced the idea that there is a Palestinian partner with whom Israel can negotiate, that Abu Mazen and Salam Fayyad, the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, are not like Yasser Arafat, that Israel could do real business with these men. What a seismic effect this could have on Israeli politics and on the current prime minister. Okay, I'm a dreaming. But why not dream?