Four Important Statistics About Google, iPhone and Ads

Google commands more than half of all iPhone Web traffic, according to a new report. That's not terribly surprising, considering it's the default search engine. But these are four very interesting stats to know and share, from the Chikitah Research report:

1) Google search accounts for 50 percent of iPhone Web traffic.

2) The iPhone now accounts for 54 percent of total smartphone traffic.
3) Android accounts for 27 percent of total smartphone traffic.
4) Google search accounts for about 31 percent of total Web traffic.

I draw two conclusions from this. First, these stats offer a glimpse into the future of Google online advertising. There are rumors that the iPhone is going to switch its default browser to Bing. Yes, that would be a blow to Google since Bing is a perfectly good search engine and I'm sure most iPhone users will simply keep using the default search function. But the rise of Android, run by Google, suggests that Google will continue to hold on to a strong segment of the mobile search market, which is expected to grow about 15 to 20 percent next year. That's precisely why Google is investing in mobile technology and Web display companies. Google, after all, is an advertising company from a revenue perspective -- 97 percent of its revenue comes from online ads, and those ads are slowly moving to mobile devices.

Second, sometimes I hear Web and journalism gurus say something like this: There is no newspaper crisis, only an advertising crisis. And if Google can figure out how to live on ad revenue alone, why can't newspapers? So here's one rejoinder: Of course Google has figured out how to command wed advertising. Google accounts for a third of all Web traffic! It hasn't figured out how to revolutionize ad rates for newspapers. It's figured out how to be ubiquitous in a world of low ad rates.