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The Ford Transit Connect stole the show this year at the North American International Auto Show. The boxy, European-inspired van won Truck of the Year award, and dropping the jaws of auto critics and judges: "The Transit Connect... couldn't have come at a better time," writes the Detroit Free Press. "The vehicle starts at $20,780 and gets 22 m.p.g. in the city... It has a smooth ride, even while lugging cargo in its 135 cubic feet of space." But one detail many journalists are missing is the van's looks. On comment sections across the Web, car buffs and regular joes are thrashing the Transit Connect, calling it out for what (they think) it is: an ugly duckling.

  • cruiserhead1 "No mom is going to drive around in a $25,000 delivery van."
  • Crankbait "The Transit looks like an updated Holden Panel Van manufactured in Australia by GM in the Early 70's. Slap some surfboard racks on top and a couple of boards and you have a Shaggin' Wagon. All you need is water."
  • John Balls: "What an ugly vehicle! then if it does not sell, they might claim that is because people do not like electric vehicles!!! no, it is because it's ugly. Karl Lagerfeld was right when he said that American designers forgot passion"
  • wrinklebump "I woke up this morning lusting for one of these. Imagine leaving the bar with some chick and telling her to hop into that thing. That's a moment I have to experience."
  • Kevin Siekierski "The Transit Connect not only has an ugly name but is an ugly vehicle."
  • LucFerris: "Anyone who doesnt think its ugly has no design sense..."

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