Some links

The case for optimism on the economy. Alan Blinder, WSJ

The case for high-frequency trading. Burton Malkiel, FT

Krugman v Eggertsson. Scott Sumner, The Money Illusion (via Greg Mankiw)

The battle to redefine humanity. George Monbiot, Guardian. The stress of Copenhagen begins to tell. Or else George needs to adjust his medication.

I lead a mostly peaceful life, but my dreams are haunted by giant aurochs. All those of us whose blood still races are forced to sublimate, to fantasise. In daydreams and video games we find the lives that ecological limits and other people's interests forbidĀ us to live.

Speak for yourself, George. Still, your piece is spot on about one thing. You rightly draw attention to the "vicious battle" between "road safety campaigners and speed freaks", regarding it as emblematic of the larger crisis of our civilisation. Yes indeed. This world-historical conflict has received too little attention.

We must include better compliance with all traffic laws in our new definition of humanity. This I believe.