Some links

1,200 limos, 140 private planes, and caviar wedges. Andrew Gilligan, Daily Telegraph. Did it have to be quite so elaborate?

Climate scientist threatens boycott of NYT reporter. Roger Pielke Jr. When I was an editor I always used to delete "He just doesn't get it," because it is smug, lazy, and overused. But if ever there was a case of just not getting it, Michael Schlesinger is the man.

Stolen email, stoking the climate debate. Clark Hoyt, NYT. A balanced though contestable piece about the way the Times has covered Climategate.

...Revkin and Tierney both told me that, after that broad understanding among scientists [ie, "the temperature measurement by Jones's group was only one of several showing a long-term warming trend, and that there was no doubt that carbon dioxide produced by humans was a major factor"], there is sharp debate over how fast the earth is warming, how much human activity is contributing, and how severe the impact will be.

Does the Times do full justice to that "sharp debate"? Regardless, Schlesinger's complaint certainly enhances the paper's credibility. I can't say the same for his.

And could somebody please tell the Times that the plural of email is emails?