Rosner: Hannah Rosenthal Not Smart Enough For The Job

Shmuel Rosner takes no prisoners:

"(It) seems quite obvious that Rosenthal isn't smart - or maybe she's smart, just not careful, or maybe she's smart just not the kind of smart needed for this delicate job of anti-anti-Semitism tzar. She was definitely not smart when she sacrificed her ability to execute her mission efficiently for a newspaper headline. And no - she can't be a successful anti-anti-Semitism tzar. First, because she will hardly be able to cooperate with most major Jewish organizations - something that might become a liability for an official charged with battling anti-Semitism. But more importantly, because Rosenthal is now officially a member of the look-at-them-and-you'll-know-why-we-don't-trust-Obama team. Instead of being an asset to Obama, she's a burden. An unnecessary and unwelcome distraction. Not a healthy position for an official who was just recently appointed for a job that can be easily marginalized.

By the way, is it possible to be an "anti-anti-Semitism czar"? From my limited knowledge, most of the czars were pro-anti-Semitism.