Poll: Did Your Holiday Spending Match Previous Years?

Holiday spending makes up a huge chunk of retailers' annual revenue. Most reports I've read indicate that this year's holiday spending will improve over last year's, but probably won't beat 2007's. Now that most people probably have completed that spending, I thought it might be interesting to put that assertion to the test and poll Atlantic readers on how much they spent compared to prior years. Cast your vote below!

Here's what Gallup has found about Christmas spending, in particular:

gallup holiday spending 2009.jpg

This poll supports the hypothesis that 2009 won't be a great year for holiday spending, but it will be better than last year. Although it isn't shown on the chart, Gallup estimates that spending will increase 1% this year over last year's 3.4% dive. Oddly, the percentages don't appear to be derived from the dollar amounts, but the trends look similar.

Personally, I think I spent approximately the same amount this year as last year, but that was less than in 2007. What about you?