Better Scapegoats Than Napolitano

I was on Talk of the Nation yesterday, interviewed by Neal Conan about my blog post in which I defended the proposition that firing Janet Napolitano wouldn't do anything for anyone, and I received a burst of angry e-mails afterward, including this one:

"Typical liberal drivel, Mr. Goldburg. I bet you wouldnt have defended Geoge W. Bush the same way after 911. You guys look out for your own don't you?"

My own? I feel, most days of the week, that I'm a country of one. But whatever: I did defend George W. Bush against those who argued that 9/11 was mainly his fault. It was, in fact, mainly al Qaeda's fault (we do, very often, forget to focus on the actual cause of these events) but our lack of preparation was the fault mainly of the Clinton Administration, on whose watch al-Qaeda developed its plans to attack America, and did indeed attack American targets overseas. Therefore, I tend to believe that the Christmas Day bombing plot would have been detected sooner had the Bush Administration done a better job of counterterrorism. That's the short of it.