Maddoff's Computer Accomplices Charged

The two computer programmers who allegedly rigged Madoff's systems to fool investors and regulators have been charged by the US Attorney.  According to the complaints, they finally got cold feet in 2006 after more than a decade of complicity, told Madoff they wouldn't lie for him any more, and pulled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the funds.  But it's hard to applaud them for their fine moral sensibility, since they accepted hush money to keep quiet, making their change of heart look more like fear than the belated pangs of conscience.

If they're found guilty, as far as I'm concerned, they should get what Madoff got.  He couldn't have perpetrated this massive fraud without this sort of assistance, and if the complaint is correct, they quite clearly knew that swhat they were doing was helping to destroy the life savings of all their investors.  White collar crime needs to feel a little more dangerous.