How to Get Free WiFi in Airports on the Holidays

For many holiday travelers, an hour-long wait at the airport presents a critical choice: a couple grande white chocolate lattes or $10-a-day WiFi access? (At least, that's my choice.) This year the (er, my) choice is simple. Google announced that it is giving away free WiFi access in 47 airports until mid-January 2010. Lifehacker reports that users can log in for free, bypass a couple invitations to try out Google Chrome, and browse for free through the inevitable snow delays.

But wait! Some key cities -- including Chicago, New York and Washington, DC -- aren't on the list. Is there another way to finagle free Internet from the terminal?

Yes, says Lifehacker's servicey team. Microsoft Bing is teaming with JiWire to offer free WiFi in nationwide hotels and airports in exchange for one Bing search. Sounds easy! Media Post reports that "JiWire works with between 60% and 70% of all North American passenger airline services and hotel chains." JiWire's venues include New York's JFK, Chicago's Midway and O'Hare airports, and Washington Dulles.

Imagine. Microsoft and Google, competing joining hands to bring you free WiFi in terminals across the country. I love it when capitalism gets into the holiday spirit.