Which Magazines Won in the Mag-Apocalypse?

Business Insider has a slideshow of the 22 magazines who are "actually kicking butt" (industry term, folks) during the end-of-days advertising meltdown of 2009. What do we learn? That the most profitable audience these days are families where the father is a serial body builder, the wife loves to cook and home-tend while she applies age-reversing creams, and the children like to read, about celebrities.

Who won the year?

Spry Magazine is up 550 percent (yowzers!), but the real winner seems to be Family Circle. The magazine's ad revenue increased by about $56 million, way more than any other magazine on the list. Also of note: The Week magazine's ad revenue jumped 30 percent, an incredible accomplishment considering the plight of general interest magazines like Newsweek.