Scenes From MichiCaliFlAriVada

The recession has been bad for the United States of America, but it's been especially terrible for the united states of Michigan, California, Florida, Arizona and Nevada. My general theory of the recession is that in any negative category, one or more of those states are always at the top of the list, from unemployment to foreclosure rates, making MichiCaliFlAriVada the worst state in the union. The bad news is sort of hard to escape. Even clicking around The Onion during my lunch break I found these two (real!) stories in their "What Do You Think?" feature where fake people snark on real headlines:

Nevada Has Highest Percentage of Unemployed Children: A Census report says that Nevada leads the nation in uninsured children, with nearly 20 percent lacking health coverage. What do you think?


Detroit Facing Corpse Surplus: Corpses are piling up in the Wayne County Morgue in Detroit because families and loved ones can't afford to bury or cremate the bodies. What do you think?

Says "Jun Weneau Systems Analyst": "At least they have a roof over their heads and no cares in the world. There are a lot Michiganders who would gladly trade places with those corpses." Yikes.