Stepping Up the Heat

My favorite new attack ad:  Republicans voted to end Medicare

This is, of course, not, well, er, true.  But you have to admire the brazenness of the thing.  And I'd really like to know whether this sort of thing works, or whether it comes across as so ludicrous that people start wondering about the Democrats' sanity. 

I'm betting on the former.

Update:  Kevin Drum asks

Why not just tell the truth: Republicans essentially voted in favor of turning Medicare over to private industry.  With only a few words of explanation, this could easily be more effective than the ad that actually ran.  Like so:

Republicans voted to turn Medicare over to private insurance companies!  You heard right: they want to hand Medicare over to the same companies that [insert two or three insurance company outrages here, maybe a Wall Street reference, something about profits over people, etc.].  Democrats will never do that.  Blah blah blah.

Would that really be any less scary than the ad that actually ran?  Or is the DNC afraid that the urban legends are true, and everyone thinks Medicare is a private plan already?

Because part of it is a private plan, at least as much as the one described in the ad.  It's called Medicare Advantage, about 25% of seniors, and growing, are already on it, and they like it.