Parsing the Polls, Part II

I've been reading a bunch of conservative bloggers today arguing that if you look at the polls the right way, they show that Obama is really in trouble. Even squinting hard and invoking the Nine Secret Names of Buddha, I don't know how you get that from these numbers.  Pretty much every poll that's come out since the speech has shown a quite sizeable bounce, proving me utterly wrong about the speech's appeal.  (Which is not surprising, since what would really appeal to me is if Obama had brought a laptop, a copy of STATS and a few Oracle databases worth of data . . . )

Maybe the bounce will go back down; they often do.  But it's pretty hard to deny that there has been a noticeable improvement in the appeal of both health care reform, and Barack Obama, since last week.  Wishful thinking will not help advance your cause, and in this case, it won't even make you feel better if things go awry.  Yes, yes, I know, concern troll and all that.  The fact remains.  Folks still like him, and they're even starting to like his health care plans, such as they are.