Anti-abortion Protester Shot and Killed

An anti-abortion activist has been shot and killed in Michigan.  It seems to be linked to another homicide in the area, so this seems more like a lone lunatic than a political killing, at least for the nonce.  I certainly hope so.  The abortion wars are quite damaging enough without further escalating the reprehensible violence.

I also hope that if it does turn out to be someone with a political agenda, the right can manage to refrain from claiming that this is really a symptom of some dark rot at the center of liberalism.  You hate it when liberals give into the temptation of this sort of bigoted partisan nonsense, and if you really want to piss them off, set an example they'll be forced to live up to.

Update:  Yup, looks like he was targeted because of his protests.  Prepare for the demands that every liberal commenter repudiate this, and liberal commentators complaining when pro-lifers make a public show of mourning their martyr.  Happy Friday, everyone.