Worst Headline Ever

I substantively agree with the content of this article.  But the headline is so absurd, and boring, that I nearly skipped over it:

A Basis Is Seen for Some Health Plan Fears Among the Elderly

Did someone in the New York Times copyediting department misplace the bucket of active verbs?

Onto the content:  "waste, fraud and abuse", that favorite old refrain, will probably not suffice to cut Medicare costs.  Fears of "death panels" are way overblown.  Fears of "Are second knee replacements worth it?" panels are not.  And the infamous "overpayments to insurers" are actually paying for extra services, which the seniors in Medicare Advantage will probably lose, possibly along with Medicare Advantage, since providers may pull out.  You may think that these are wasteful and seniors will end up just as happy back in traditional Medicare.  But revealed preference seems to indicate that they prefer what they have.