To DJ or Not to DJ

Despite the ballooning wedding budget, Peter and I are pretty determined to use an iPod rather than a DJ.  It's not that I want to dis on DJs--I have no ideological opposition to them, or even to YMCA--but sticking people in a room, then feeding them, is already costing an astonishing fortune.

Having no particular dog in this fight, I had to laugh at this, which a friend sent me in re: the question of the dreaded iPod wedding.  The DJs and their clients sure do hate each other . . . and then there's this guy, who just hates everyone:

You guys are all retarded. Ipod weddings are ridiculous, wedding DJ's are washed up cheese balls, and bands are some washed up musicians singing at YOUR lame ass wedding because thats all they can get. Also, wedding djs are labeled as cheesy for some of the music they play, but guess what? They are playing that crap because it has probably been requested 10 times by your cheese ball relatives. They are only playing what people at your lame reception are requesting. Its not like they get into their car when they finish your reception and rock out to the YMCA and the Chicken Dance on the ride home. They probably hate playing it more than you hate hearing it. Getting married is an all around ridiculous idea. Get over yourselves.