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Rumor: Not One, But Two Apple Tablets?

Last month, rumor had it that Apple is developing a Tablet -- a big iPod Touch -- to roll out in September. Yesterday rumor had it that the first rumor was wrong, and Apple won't unveil anything until 2010. Today's rumor has it that the second rumor is wrong and the first rumor was only half-right: There will be two Apple Tablets unveiled!

This is the right idea. The Tablet could be one of two things: An entertainment device or a more serious netbook (ie small internet-based laptop) competitor, since Apple produces no laptops under $1000. Sounds like we could get both. From PC World:

According to Doherty, the 6-inch Apple tablet, which we have been hearing about for the past month, will be aimed mainly at watching videos, playing games, and reading e-books. The second model will have a larger screen and will be able to run all Mac applications, including audio/video editing and graphic animation, he said.