Have You Seen Microsoft Bing's Award-Winning Jingle?

It's August. It's Thursday afternoon. Your work is winding down, and Twitter isn't working. So, hey check out Microsoft's award-winning jingle video for their new search engine Bing. It's, um...well it's discussion-worthy. And people, let's keep the criticism constructive!

Let's discuss.

There seems to be some misunderstanding about what is a "jingle." A jingle is a short slogan set to a boppy, catchy tune. This isn't short and it's sort of eerie! (He's doing yoga with a class of radioactive ghosts, isn't he? OK then.) The concept is not helped along by the fact that the singer seems mortally unaware that he is dancing about search engine performance. It's not like dancing about architecture, but it's close.

So listen, Microsoft. Fellas. I like your product. I think it's great. And I sympathize with your uphill battle to compete with Google in not just products, but also reputation. Viral energy, bad-buzz-is-better-than-no-buzz, all that, I get it. But somehow, Microsoft seems incapable of making an unmockable advertisement. Why?