Today's a holiday for The Atlantic, which I used to attend to all those personal affairs left hanging while I flitted off to Aspen.  So naturally, Sarah Palin goes and pulls this totally bizarre stunt.  I'm not saying Sarah Palin's out to get me.  But she could have been a little more considerate, I think.

All one can say, really, is "what the hell?"  We don't know yet whether this resignation comes in advance of some financial scandal (or to ward one off), to save her family from the really disgusting attention it's gotten from some quarters, or simply because she's got some sort of serious impulse control problem.  But even explanation two reflects badly on her.  I'm second to none in my condemnation of the attention her family has received.  But can you imagine a male politician resigning because comedians and bloggers were being too mean to his daughers?  The state of Alaska elected her to serve a term.  She owes them that much.