Department of Bizarre Arguments

The National Kidney Foundation's argument against paying organ donors:

The National Kidney Foundation opposes compensation on the grounds that it would "cheapen the gift"--that it may be an "affront" to those who have already donated. ("The argument that paying organ donors is 'an affront' to unpaid donors is disgusting," Virginia Postrel, who donated a kidney to her acquaintance Sally Satel, wrote on her website. "Are unpaid donors giving organs to save lives or just to make themselves feel morally superior?")

Having volunteered for Habitat Humanity several times in college, I am personally offended by the existence of Toll Brothers.  Also, I've worked in a soup kitchen, so I'm suing Friendly's for defamation.  As for hotels, as the former employee of an organization that provides homeless shelters, I can only say:  have you no shame, sirs?  At long last, have you no shame?