Readers Respond on Medical Bankruptcy

Reader Russ writes:

I do not know how the Warren report gathered data. I am a chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee who sees about 60 new cases each month . we examine each petition to determine the reasons for filing. we do this for a number of reasons. for example a person with a lot of medical bills may have a personal injury claim that we may pursue, settle and give that money to creditors. In our experience the 50% amount is very close. I often ask what did you use the credit cards for? the answer,"we paid medical and hospital bills." another factor that is often overlooked is the cost of health insurance as an expense that depletes household income. As the cost of health insurance increases, more of the cost is shifted from employers to wage earners. this increasing costs reduces the amount of income available to the family. for people forced to purchase private insurance, this 3-600 or what ever a month may occasion default on a car, a home , a credit card.