The Daily Show's Silly Sweden "Report"

The Daily Show clip (after the jump) about life in Sweden behind the velvet curtain of socialism has been making the rounds. It's not all that funny, and it's not all that informative. From it, I learned two things, exactly: That the Swedes make terrible music videos, and that they are really ridiculously good-looking. But what does the video leave out?

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In fact (cheer up, Fox News!) nobody wants us to be Sweden. Not Obama. Not liberals bloggers. Not even the Swedish people, themselves. That's why in the 2006 election they delivered the Social Democratic Party its worst result since 1921, and a more conservative coalition has swept into power, proposing a wide range of tax cuts which have the potential to erode the country's unemployment benefits and other social services.

On the flip side, Sweden does rank pretty high -- above the United States, at least -- on the Human Development Index and international education comparisons. So while I don't like the Daily Show video, it's not nearly as objectionable as the Fox News boys who not only created their own "Let's become Sweden" strawman, but also leave out the fact that becoming more like Sweden would, in some ways, be a highly desirable outcome. In any case, we are definitely not Sweden. If we were, we'd let our car companies just die, already.