Is Apple moving into touch-screen PCs?

If this rumor is correct, they are:  a source tells Reuters that Apple has just ordered 10-inch touchscreens from Taiwan.

My first reaction is "I want one!!!"  But my second reaction is "for what?"  Given my profession, I really need to be able to type; I can't use a jumped-up iPhone as my main computer.  And I can't think why I would carry a ten-inch extra computer around with me.  If the touchscreen is simply an add-on to a laptop with a regular keyboard, I might be interested--but I'm not sure how much extra I'd pay.

This goes to the question everyone is asking about Apple--can they survive, and thrive, without Steve Jobs?  The product that will answer this question isn't a touchscreen being installed this fall; it's the first product to be designed and executed substantially without him, which is still eighteen months or more away.