Is Ruth Madoff psychic, or what?

I quote Clusterstock:

The evidence is piling up that innocent-old Ruth may have known a little more than she let on. There are multiple stories that she helped keep the books, there are the timely home transfers and now this:

WSJ: Ruth Madoff, the wife of Bernard Madoff, withdrew $15.5 million from a Madoff-related brokerage firm in the weeks before Mr. Madoff's arrest, according to the Massachusetts Secretary of State. A complaint filed Wednesday by Secretary William Galvin's office said Ruth Madoff withdrew $5.5 million on Nov. 25 and $10 million on Dec. 10, according to documents from Cohmad Securities, which was co-owned by Mr. Madoff and which the Massachusetts office is investigating. Mr. Madoff was arrested Dec. 11 on allegations of perpetrating a massive Ponzi scheme.

That's not suspicious or anything.

Doesn't this mean they can charge her with conspiracy and throw her in the pokey along with her husband?