How do you feel?

Laura of 11D reads the article I linked below and asks "What would make you feel poor?"  She lists things that I either don't need (summer camp for the kids), or have already given up in the wake of our temporary household retrenchment, and I definitely don't feel poor yet.  Looking back to the years when I had, after taxes, loans, rent, and utilities, about $400 a month to work with in Manhattan, I'd say the things that make me feel poor are more along the lines of:

  • Clothes that don't fit, and no money to replace them
  • Something broken you can't afford to fix
  • Going without protein because it's too expensive
  • Regularly attending events solely because they offer free food
  • Having to tell friends that you can't afford to hang out with them (not "Can't go to Cancun" or "No" to a Broadway show, but "I can't meet you for a drink, because I can't afford a drink".

What would make you feel poor?  Or, turn it around--what threshhold would make you feel totally safe?