Update to Times of London question

I just received the following from someone identifying himself as Mike Harvey of the Times of London, though it comes from a "Googlemail" address:

Dear Megan,

Your second guess in your blog post was the correct one.

The article on Steve Jobs's health was written and bylined by David
Rose but the passage you highlight was inserted by me at the last
moment just before publication. I added the paragraphs (and made a few
other editing changes) in the middle of writing another major piece
for the newspaper against a very tight deadline. (The perils of
writing for a London newspaper from the West Coast.)

It was done in a real hurry and I meant to put the proper attribution
in but failed to do so before I pinged the email off. It was a mistake
made in haste and my thanks to you for pointing it out. As a blogger
and technology writer I know the importance of sourcing and linking to
sources and rightly feel aggrieved when it does not happen.

The paragraphs are being removed for the avoidance of doubt.

all best wishes

Mike Harvey

There's also someone in the comments claiming to be David Rose, and castigating me on the grounds that it was a wire piece, but his IP address resolves to a German pharmaceutical company, and also, it wasn't a wire piece.  Curious what some people get up to.