See no evil, hear no evil . . .

Meet Meaghan Cheung, the SEC investigator who missed the Madoff scandal.  The friend who IM'd me says:  "I almost feel sorry for this woman.  ALMOST."

I feel sorry for her the way I feel sorry for everyone who does spectacularly stupid things, but it's hard to muster any special sympathy given her extensive whine that the Post ought to pick on someone else:

"Why are you taking a mid-level staff person and making me responsible for the failure of the American economy?" an upset Meaghan Cheung, with eyes tearing up, told The Post.

No one's blaming Ms Cheung, I hope, for the collapse of the entire American economy, but it's hardly crazy to blame her for the failure of the Madoff investigation, given that she signed off on it.  The Post's implication that this was some sort of payoff deal is overblown and almost certainly wrong--I imagine it's more a matter of being awed by his persona and reputation, plus some sort of colossal internal screw up.  But she was the head of the New York branch that ordered the investigation.  Who does she think should take responsibility for its utter failure?