Annals of awful advertising

I am in receipt of the following suggestion in my email box, from Bed, Bath & Beyond:

Whether you're engaged . . . know someone engaged . . . or hope to give your partner a little nudge--Bed, Bath & Beyond promises to make wedding planning as simple as saying "I Do".

I know that times are hard for retailers.  Every day seems to bring an increasingly desperate missive from Banana Republic, Crutchfield, or Burpee seeds promising fantastic savings, free shipping, and if I choose the option at checkout, the firstborn son of the Marketing Director.  But this . . . well, it quite takes my breath away.  The desperate leading the desperate, so to speak.

I'm no game theorist.  Or psychologist.  And a business site is not quite the right venue for dating advice.  But I'm pretty sure you cannot overcome a reluctant suitor merely by going ahead and registering for the wedding without him.  Seriously.  Just ask Lehman Brothers.