Who told on the Blagster?

The latest rumor is that Rahm Emmanuel is the one who narc'd on Blagojevich.  Clive Crook makes a point I hadn't thought of:  given that we know that Blagojevich demanded pay for play from them, it had better be someone from the Obama campaign who snitched, or it's going to look very, very bad for the President-Elect:

Obama has said he did not talk to the governor about his vacant Senate seat. David Axelrod had to withdraw an earlier statement which said otherwise. There was presumably communication at some level between the two sides, even if it was just the exchange of demand and curt refusal. (Otherwise, Blagojevich would have had no grounds for calling the president-elect a motherfucker.) But the person receiving that demand was under an obligation to do more than just refuse. Perhaps he or she did do more than that. In due course, maybe, we will find out.