Oh, Rod. Oh, humanity!

The talk in Washington last night was, of course, Blagojevich.  The general sentiment was sheer incredulity at the blatant, cartoon villain quotes.  Most of my friends are libertarians, and hence tend to assume that this sort of quid pro quo is in fact how people get appointments.  But we thought it was done with some subtlety, a nudge and a wink, not full frontal demands for payola.  As PJ O'Rourke once said, "If I made this scene up, I'd be drummed right out of the Subtle Fiction Writers League".  There's something really sad about having gone so far that your indelicacy actually amazes the folks who want to legalize prostitution and open air drug markets.

The other source of amazement was the speed of the thing; some of the conversations in the indictment took place less than a week ago.  Presumably, the Feds wanted to move before he actually appointed someone who had to be awkwardly arrested and frog-marched out of the Senate.