Department of awful statistics

From a jeweler's trade

Headline:  "NJ survey: Holiday jewelry sales drop 80 percent"

Article:  "New York--Santa seems to have snubbed retail jewelers this year, with 80 percent of those responding to National Jeweler's annual post-holiday survey reporting that their same-store sales dropped for the November-December 2008 period compared with the same period in 2007.

According to preliminary survey results, the majority of respondents saw double-digit decreases in their holiday sales. The current breakdown of the ongoing survey reveals the following: 65 percent of jewelers saw same-store sales sink by more than 10 percent, 8 percent saw sales drop by 6 to 10 percent, and 7 percent saw sales dip between 1 and 5 percent. Another 5 percent said their sales were flat compared with 2007."

This is probably not the fault of the journalist; we rarely get to write our own headlines, and we've all had at least one that was gotten, unbeknownst to us, gloriously, hilariously wrong.  But this is the wrongest I've ever seen.