Chuck Colson: should there be second acts in American life?

Hilzoy is mad that he's getting the Presidential Citizens Medal.  She offers a highlight reel of his offenses during the Nixon administration and then concludes:

The one episode that will always sum up Chuck Colson for me is his plan to firebomb the Brookings Institution. Imagine: a Special Counsel to the President of the United States actually proposing to firebomb a centrist political think-tank.

When I think of "U.S. citizens who have performed exemplary deeds of service for the nation", Chuck Colson is not exactly the sort of person who leaps to mind. But then, when I think of "good judges of people's exemplary service", George W. Bush doesn't exactly leap to mind either.

This seems, perhaps, just a trifle incomplete.  This biography ends in 1975.  Surely, Chuck Colson has been up to something since then?

Well, just experiencing a genuine jailhouse conversion, and spending the rest of his life building an enormous prison ministry that has done amazing work on prisoner rehabilitation and prison reform.  I don't share his faith, but I recognize that the guy has dedicated the larger portion of his life to helping the most reviled members of society.