After scrubbing my house from top to bottom after the move, the skin is literally peeling off my hands from all the chemicals.  This has made me think about getting a steam cleaner, maybe one of these.  I like the idea of cleaning without chemicals, and I've used a handheld one long enough to know that if you get the pressure up, they really seem to do the job.  Since I'm moving to another Victorian house with elderly tile, etc., and I'm kind of obsessed by cleaning things like baseboards, it's very tempting.

On the other hand, it seems very pricey--how much can I really save on soap with one of these?  And do they actually work, or just look good in the commercials?  Can anyone comment?

Second bleg is for a friend, who wants a nice digital camcorder that can double as a webcam.  Not super-extravagent, just solid and easy to use.  Any suggestions?