Update from the swing voter

As I believe I've mentioned, I am the daughter of The Swing Voter:  my mother's vote does remarkably well at predicting the outcome of presidential elections.  Unsurprisingly, then, she's for Barack Obama, though due to apparently hereditary stupidity, the entire McArdle clan missed the deadline for transferring their voter registration to DC, and therefore will not actually be voting in the election.

My mother's reason:  Sarah Palin.  She liked the convention speech, but said she wanted to see more . . . and now that she's seen more, she's an Obama supporter.  I find it hard to believe that she's the only one.  I mean, I already disliked McCain, but Palin hasn't exactly improved my opinion of the campaign.

Even more shocking is that my grandmother, a rock-ribbed Republican who to my knowlege has never voted Democratic and will not let a bad word be spoken about George W. Bush in her hearing . . . that GOP-lovin' granny almost voted for Obama.  At the last minute, she decided that since she lives in Western New York, and there's no chance of Obama losing the state, she could safely support her party.  But that she even thought about voting for the Democrat augers dire things for the McCain campaign.