More on Sarah Palin

I mean that literally--after a speech by Lindsay Graham so boring and anodyne that I nearly slipped into a coma, the RNC is playing the biographic video that was supposed to go on last night, before Rudy Giuliani preempted it with . . . whatever it was he said.  I was busy pawing through the medicine cabinet for my inhaler.

This is having the effect of elevating Palin to a more central place than most VP's get in a campaign--her speech last night apparently pulled nearly as many viewers as Obama's last week.  I wonder if that is a feature or a bug for McCain.  Polling The Swing Voter (aka my mother) confirms my sense that she did well last night, although The Swing Voter would like to see her talk about something a little more substantive than how awesome her kids are.  And I remain convinced that she's very hard for the Obama campaign to attack without dealing itself considerable damage.

Of course, it doesn't look very good for McCain to be upstaged by his VP.  On the other hand, there is, I think, a certain subtle confirmation to a cultural role we're comfortable with:  the strong husband/wife team.  I'm not saying that there is some romantic aspect to their candidacy, but rather that I think there's a way to build on that partnership image that gives her a central role without making McCain look weak. Maybe.  I'll have to see how things develop.